Cream Puffs, Macarons and Thanks

It was a long day. Lack of sleep, stress and worries plagued my mind as I worked my way through the hours. I wanted to make an impression, but I am worried that I must have done so much that I will end up falling flat. Some did not turn out as I wanted them, some went better than they used to.

My little one helped me with my usual chore of making Swiss Meringue Buttercream. She insists to handle the mixer herself, blending the hot egg whites until cool and blending in the cool butter. I think we both love making SMB, its magic as we see the gloppy egg whites heated, mixed until room temperature, curdle and magically turn into buttercream. It is time consuming, handling the procedure with a mere hand mixer… but we make do with what we have. We have done so all our lives.



She is curious at everything done over the stove, using a mixer and whatever I mix with my huge mixing bowls. Today she was excited to see our now toy, a blender being put to its first use. The three of us were ecstatic that it is useful, thankful that we purchased it on a 50% discount sale.




As we delivered our hard worked goods, we ended up taking a trip to the nearest mall. I think the tired soul in me wanted to splurged a little with things I know I would only try out once in a blue moon. And so we bought an assorted array of cream puffs that costs under P100. The beau and I oooh’d and aaah’d as we bit into them, as it was both of our first time eating cream puffs. Our dinner was the cheapest meals at McDonald’s, we were happy.






I splurged abit with Bizu’s French Macarons… Or perhaps making excuses that my taste buds need to know how they taste before I embark on my macaron making adventure. I have almonds sleeping in our freezer waiting for me to have the courage to grind them up.




I look at how things have changed. Things have become more difficult and tiring… but I am always thankful, always happy that there are people out there that support me and believe in my skills, despite of my lack of official knowledge with the craft. I live and breathe baking so much that my phone is loaded with how-to videos.

I think I splurged today because I know that I have to be more strict in book keeping and keeping up with the expenses. Today, I gave myself a treat for all the hardwork and pushing myself to do better… but tomorrow, I know I must do a lot better.

I’m nursing a burn on my left arm and random small cuts in my fingers, its a reminder that dreams are achieved with hardwork and perseverance.

I end this post with a thanks to all those who read this blog, and who have showed intered in the home baked goods I sell.


Cabalen with Friends

I count down the years where I am unable to meet with such good old friends. I have friends from my college years that I miss so, and friends from previous jobs that spark so many joyous memories from my mind. And as one of us arrived home from a different country, I am so happy that a reunion was planned.



Cabalen is a filipino themed restaurant that offers an “Eat All You Can” banquet. I rarely choose to eat Filipino food out, as we eat them at home on a daily basis. I think this is perfect for “balik bayans” who miss home cooked meals from our country, and a perfect place to meet with friends that have a family. They even have a dessert table, including a chocolate fountain to dip bananas or marshmallows. I had to force the beau to take a bite from the chocolate coated marshmallow I had on a stick, he doesn’t eat marshmallows. Odd one.



I opted to eat Kare kare mainly. I had added some meats in to try. The lechon was delicious, juicy and made me want to have more… Ofcourse, I was too shy to grab another bite. The kare kare was okay, but they do not skimp on the ingredients except that they lack the vegetables that I usually see on more home cooked ones. Beau on the other hand, chose to have a plateful of food.


This. On the other hand… is the best one of all the food being served there. I had to have another helping, and another. Its batter dipped kang kong with a sort of sour cream dip. I think I would eat at Cabalen again just for this! I feel myself salivating right now as I type. You must try it!


Aside from the food that left us in a food coma (our tummy were so full I couldn’t even think of buying Milk Tea for that day!), the chance to finally be with the people who made me smile and laugh in a stressful environment again was the main course of that day. I wish for more reunions.


Baby Freedom with the beautiful gray eyes.



It has been so long that we all have our own families. We used to spend our time drinking alcohol and making a ruckus. Such beautiful families and smiles, and memories.



Here is a look at what the Greenbelt branch looked like. Ofcourse I chose to blur myself. 😛

For more information on Cabalen, here is their website. 🙂

Whirlwind August

The start of August has been a whirl wind of baking, baking and baking. It was a shock to the system, but I have never been so exhilarated in my life. When I thought I’ve had enough of baking, I start and I take back what I thought. The first two weeks of August is probably the busiest me and my little family has experienced this year… And I am hoping that it won’t be the last. I treat myself to our favorite milk tea, Wintermelon Milk Tea from Serenitea when I get the chance.

We went out to re-stock the Bakery’s cupboard, and we had no choice but to eat out at one of our favorite restaurants, Sbarro. We had our usual pizzas (cheese for me, white cheese for him) and a whole Baked Zitti with Meat sauce to share. What we love the most about Sbarro is the size of their pizzas, and their cheesy zitti. It was the first time our Aienne ate pizza, she used to decline whenever we tried to make her eat one before.

Finally after a week of craving and begging for crepes, I got to have one. I shared this with them. We chose to make our own sweet crepes, this one is a combination of Strawberries, Vanilla ice cream, Cheesecake chunks and whipped cream. They mistakenly added caramel syrup instead of strawberry syrup. One serving of this by Crepes and Creme can be shared by two to three people (or one really really hungry person), and priced at only P125 I think it is worth eating every once in a while.

It will be the last crepe I will be eating for a long while, as I will go back to running again. I’ve gained so much weight since the start of Sweet Mnemonic, it is fine time that I start doing regular exercises!

Enjoy the upcoming long holiday! Do you have anything planned?


Every Accomplishment start with the decision to try

I’m a dreamer, I dream about the big things and the smaller less important things. I dream so much that it has been a significant part of my life. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to bake/make desserts and earn in the process.

It has been a long journey of dreaming, and one day I’ve decided to just go for it. It had taken many forms, such as my previous blogs — Tea Time Alice and Dessert Darling.

The idea of Sweet Mnemonic was born from my obsessive collection of images that inspire me. Initially, I wanted a low maintenance blog… but after so long of thinking and planning, I wanted something that I could keep.

Sweet Mnemonic started from being a blog plan to being the name of my little business.

Revel Bar
Chocolate Truffles

This is the start of something great. I’ve never felt so sure of the path I’ve been taking since now. Ah, I hope you would strap your seat belts, join our mailing list (see side bar) for updates and enjoy the ride.

Be Creative!

We have a lot of things coming up.. I hope to see you again on our next update! Please don’t forget to like our facebook page!

♥ Sam