Cream Puffs, Macarons and Thanks

It was a long day. Lack of sleep, stress and worries plagued my mind as I worked my way through the hours. I wanted to make an impression, but I am worried that I must have done so much that I will end up falling flat. Some did not turn out as I wanted them, some went better than they used to.

My little one helped me with my usual chore of making Swiss Meringue Buttercream. She insists to handle the mixer herself, blending the hot egg whites until cool and blending in the cool butter. I think we both love making SMB, its magic as we see the gloppy egg whites heated, mixed until room temperature, curdle and magically turn into buttercream. It is time consuming, handling the procedure with a mere hand mixer… but we make do with what we have. We have done so all our lives.



She is curious at everything done over the stove, using a mixer and whatever I mix with my huge mixing bowls. Today she was excited to see our now toy, a blender being put to its first use. The three of us were ecstatic that it is useful, thankful that we purchased it on a 50% discount sale.




As we delivered our hard worked goods, we ended up taking a trip to the nearest mall. I think the tired soul in me wanted to splurged a little with things I know I would only try out once in a blue moon. And so we bought an assorted array of cream puffs that costs under P100. The beau and I oooh’d and aaah’d as we bit into them, as it was both of our first time eating cream puffs. Our dinner was the cheapest meals at McDonald’s, we were happy.






I splurged abit with Bizu’s French Macarons… Or perhaps making excuses that my taste buds need to know how they taste before I embark on my macaron making adventure. I have almonds sleeping in our freezer waiting for me to have the courage to grind them up.




I look at how things have changed. Things have become more difficult and tiring… but I am always thankful, always happy that there are people out there that support me and believe in my skills, despite of my lack of official knowledge with the craft. I live and breathe baking so much that my phone is loaded with how-to videos.

I think I splurged today because I know that I have to be more strict in book keeping and keeping up with the expenses. Today, I gave myself a treat for all the hardwork and pushing myself to do better… but tomorrow, I know I must do a lot better.

I’m nursing a burn on my left arm and random small cuts in my fingers, its a reminder that dreams are achieved with hardwork and perseverance.

I end this post with a thanks to all those who read this blog, and who have showed intered in the home baked goods I sell.


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