Your Love is my turning page, where only the sweetest words remain.. | A day with my daughter

“If i had only felt the warmth within your touch, if i had only seen how you smile when you blush.. or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough, i would have known what i was living for all along… what i’ve been living for.”


In ode to my little darling angel, the sunshine in gloomy days. The unexpected surprise where my life has completely turned around. You make life a roller coaster of crazy, frustration, worry… and a whole lot of happiness, joy and silly jokes and smiles. Your love is unconditional, a small smile and hug would make my day. Every day I tell you “I love you” and every day you answer with these three sweet words. You are the sweetest sweetheart I’ve ever met. My life is suddenly full of such cute laughter, of the warmth of your arms wrapping around me… You are my comfort. You never fail to worry, wipe my tears and remind me that we are full of love when I cry.

I’ve never thought it would be such a wonderful thing to have you in my life. My pleasant surprise. Four years and a month, my sweet darling. I look forward to see you grow before my eyes, under the care of myself and your loving father. Sometimes I feel that you are older than I am, where a touch, a look and a smile from you seem like you understand the world of worry that I carry and are telling me that it is all right — that we have each other.

I love you, no matter how energetic you are while I work. No matter how you wake me and your daddy up early in the morning to ask for milk or saying that you just did the number two. We love you, you bring us closer to each other and give us a new appreciation of life. You are the best gift God has given us. We love you, and will continue to tell you this every single day.


“Your love is my turning page, where only the sweetest words remain. Every kiss is a cursive line, every touch is a redefining phrase.

I surrender who I’ve been for who you are,for nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart. If I had only felt how it feels to be yours, well, I would have known what I’ve been living for all along… What I’ve been living for.”
-Turning Page by Sleeping At Last


Hey, are you okay? You look pretty low, very handsome awkward

Chocolate Cupcake and Revel Bar order from the shop.

There are weeks were I stay at home, waiting for the mister’s day off to get some sunlight or some fun out… There are weeks that I bake til my heart’s content for other people. And then I give myself a little reward by purchasing a large milk tea and watch Love & Other Drugs (or other movie shown in their huge telly) with other strangers at a local Milk Tea shop. I do this to prevent myself from burning out from baking too much. Sometimes I miss baking for myelf (I mean that baking so the mister and I could devour it ourselves), but all of the time I love what I do.

Hey, are you okay? You look pretty low, very handsome awkward. (The Used)

Then we have date nights. This week was full of that… Full of celebrations that we made as date nights. Sometimes it is much needed, most of the time it is what keeps us from biting each other’s heads off (ofcourse I am kidding… partly lol). Date nights usually include Guitar Hero and Cream Puffs. This time we tried J.Co Donuts, they were alright. Soft to the bite, but I found them too sweet for my taste. I’m still looking forward to the Alcapone flavor thanks to Sumi’s high praise for them, though. Go check out her blog by the way, she has very good reviews on Restaurants.

I know I’m waiting for a more food-centered post to share. Wish I had one. Let me think about it while I nurse my runny nose.

How do you spend your days off? Do you have date nights with your loved one even when you’re already living with them?

Down the Rabbit Hole and into the Party

Two nights ago, the Mister and I spent the night at Opus Bar for their company Anniversary Party. I had done my best clicking my way through the place among heavy DSLR and flash equipped people there… I don’t do flash, and I felt so intimidated walking around with my little lens capturing what I can.

I ate a green salad, mushroom risotto, a few chunks of meat and their strawberry pavlova… it tasted like ice cream. Some parts were too sweet, but mostly it was light and delicious. I made sure to take a bunch of real strawberries for my plate.

The Mister had to step up to win the First Prize… Everybody won something that day, but if we didn’t work on winning for the Costume department, we might have gone home with just a little prize. Well, we would be glad otherwise.

Everybody loved Bumblebee…

But I loved the man inside more.

*Photo above is taken from someone else. I don’t know who, since they just compiled all the photos together*

Its been a crazy week, I know I’ve been posting personal stuff on this blog and I’m looking forward to baking something a little more to share to everyone this week.

How are you doing? Are you having a crazy week as well? 🙂

A day or two in photographs


I’ve been running on a few hours of sleep for two days while preparing to bake five dozen chocolate cupcakes for a birthday party. It seems like an easy feat, but with my old gas oven… and extra orders of Revel Bars. Well, it keeps me up for a lot more hours than usual.

The mister gave me some treats over the days to keep me feeling sane from the lack of sleep and stress. Ah, well, I think I’d rather show you photographs than prattle on. And it is a good idea for someone who is almost a whole day awake!



* Palomo photos from our dinner at Mangan, a Filipino restaurant. A trip to Agantea for milk tea. And new running shoes, they’re pink!

*Baking, baking and baking. My attempt at black and white photos. I don’t know if I like it… I like it, but the edit needs improvement?

*Vegan dinner at Bodhi. The mister had papaitan soup and siomai, weird combination.

*Agantea Bubble Milk tea… my new favorite.

*Somebody’s addicted to Cream Puffs.

*Our usual rounds at Greenbelt’s Time Zone for Guitar Hero. Best way of relieving stress other than helping me gain more weight. Haha!


Awful update from a sleep deprived baker. Better posts are ahead! *gasps*

Everyday’s a start of something Beautiful | Family time & Nut Milk

And in the end the words won’t matter
‘Cause in the end nothing stays the same
And in the end dreams just scatter and fall like rain

-All We Are, a song by Matt Nathanson

My daughter had her birthday on the 29th of August, we prepared a simple pasta dish for her. It was a simple family day, and a happy school day for her as well when she came home telling us that her classmates sang to her. Sometimes I look at her and cannot believe how tall she has become, or how big she is already… now she is already four years old. FOUR! I am in denial that my little baby is now going to school and four years of age.

Yesterday, my sister gave her gift.. It was play time!

She went up the stairs and quickly down the slide numerous times, her favorite spot in the playground. We rarely get to play here, and I’m glad she was able to as a celebration for her birthday. She would venture the slide so many times and not getting tired of it.

If she wasn’t doing hundreds of trips down the slide, she was diving down the pool of balls they have there. These were the times where she was able to spend time with other toddlers and make almost friends.

After a tiring play date, we were off to Jollibee… or rather Jobilee, as she says it. We don’t eat there normally, but its a good place for little kids to eat Pinoy style spaghetti and chicken. Aienne ate chicken, fries and a chocolate sundae! We were expecting a major sugar rush, and indeed it happened while we were out in the kitchen department at Landmark. She kept running along aisles filling with fragile items! Thankfully, she is not a clutz like her mom. 😛

Our days are usually like a routine, a simple life wherein we eat, drink, watch food videos and kiddie movies, do homework… There are days where I throw the routine out the door and bake the whole afternoon with her. I think what makes me calm and happy is a quiet, simple life.

In ode to a simple life, I have tried making my own milk. This was made with left over slivered almonds I had in the freezer. Although usually whole almonds are used, I’ve made do with what I have. The problem was, they went rancid while they soaked overnight on the counter! Leave your nuts soaked in the fridge to prevent them for going bad.

I’ll be making a new batch as soon as I can with Cashews, but any nut will do for this!

Almond Milk

1 cup raw almonds
3 1/2 to 4 cups clean, filtered water (+ more for soaking)
pinch of sea salt
2-3 tbsp honey (use pure maple syrup or agave for a vegan alternative)
1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)

Soak your raw almonds with filtered water overnight in the refrigerator. The next day, dump the soaked water and rinse the nuts until the water runs clear.

Blend your soft, soaked almonds with your 3 1/2 (for a slightly creamier consistency) to 4 cups of water in a blender until smooth. Pour mixture onto a nut milk bag or several layers of cheesecloth, and squeeze until all the liquid is released.

Pour your nut milk back to the blender, add your sweeteners and blend for a minute.

This will keep for about 5 days.

P.S: I’ve uploaded the photos on Photobucket and it seems that it decreases in quality. Do you guys know any sites wherein I can upload multiple files in one go? Please share! 🙂