A day or two in photographs


I’ve been running on a few hours of sleep for two days while preparing to bake five dozen chocolate cupcakes for a birthday party. It seems like an easy feat, but with my old gas oven… and extra orders of Revel Bars. Well, it keeps me up for a lot more hours than usual.

The mister gave me some treats over the days to keep me feeling sane from the lack of sleep and stress. Ah, well, I think I’d rather show you photographs than prattle on. And it is a good idea for someone who is almost a whole day awake!



* Palomo photos from our dinner at Mangan, a Filipino restaurant. A trip to Agantea for milk tea. And new running shoes, they’re pink!

*Baking, baking and baking. My attempt at black and white photos. I don’t know if I like it… I like it, but the edit needs improvement?

*Vegan dinner at Bodhi. The mister had papaitan soup and siomai, weird combination.

*Agantea Bubble Milk tea… my new favorite.

*Somebody’s addicted to Cream Puffs.

*Our usual rounds at Greenbelt’s Time Zone for Guitar Hero. Best way of relieving stress other than helping me gain more weight. Haha!


Awful update from a sleep deprived baker. Better posts are ahead! *gasps*


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