Down the Rabbit Hole and into the Party

Two nights ago, the Mister and I spent the night at Opus Bar for their company Anniversary Party. I had done my best clicking my way through the place among heavy DSLR and flash equipped people there… I don’t do flash, and I felt so intimidated walking around with my little lens capturing what I can.

I ate a green salad, mushroom risotto, a few chunks of meat and their strawberry pavlova… it tasted like ice cream. Some parts were too sweet, but mostly it was light and delicious. I made sure to take a bunch of real strawberries for my plate.

The Mister had to step up to win the First Prize… Everybody won something that day, but if we didn’t work on winning for the Costume department, we might have gone home with just a little prize. Well, we would be glad otherwise.

Everybody loved Bumblebee…

But I loved the man inside more.

*Photo above is taken from someone else. I don’t know who, since they just compiled all the photos together*

Its been a crazy week, I know I’ve been posting personal stuff on this blog and I’m looking forward to baking something a little more to share to everyone this week.

How are you doing? Are you having a crazy week as well? 🙂


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