Hey, are you okay? You look pretty low, very handsome awkward

Chocolate Cupcake and Revel Bar order from the shop.

There are weeks were I stay at home, waiting for the mister’s day off to get some sunlight or some fun out… There are weeks that I bake til my heart’s content for other people. And then I give myself a little reward by purchasing a large milk tea and watch Love & Other Drugs (or other movie shown in their huge telly) with other strangers at a local Milk Tea shop. I do this to prevent myself from burning out from baking too much. Sometimes I miss baking for myelf (I mean that baking so the mister and I could devour it ourselves), but all of the time I love what I do.

Hey, are you okay? You look pretty low, very handsome awkward. (The Used)

Then we have date nights. This week was full of that… Full of celebrations that we made as date nights. Sometimes it is much needed, most of the time it is what keeps us from biting each other’s heads off (ofcourse I am kidding… partly lol). Date nights usually include Guitar Hero and Cream Puffs. This time we tried J.Co Donuts, they were alright. Soft to the bite, but I found them too sweet for my taste. I’m still looking forward to the Alcapone flavor thanks to Sumi’s high praise for them, though. Go check out her blog by the way, she has very good reviews on Restaurants.

I know I’m waiting for a more food-centered post to share. Wish I had one. Let me think about it while I nurse my runny nose.

How do you spend your days off? Do you have date nights with your loved one even when you’re already living with them?


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