Whirlwind August

The start of August has been a whirl wind of baking, baking and baking. It was a shock to the system, but I have never been so exhilarated in my life. When I thought I’ve had enough of baking, I start and I take back what I thought. The first two weeks of August is probably the busiest me and my little family has experienced this year… And I am hoping that it won’t be the last. I treat myself to our favorite milk tea, Wintermelon Milk Tea from Serenitea when I get the chance.

We went out to re-stock the Bakery’s cupboard, and we had no choice but to eat out at one of our favorite restaurants, Sbarro. We had our usual pizzas (cheese for me, white cheese for him) and a whole Baked Zitti with Meat sauce to share. What we love the most about Sbarro is the size of their pizzas, and their cheesy zitti. It was the first time our Aienne ate pizza, she used to decline whenever we tried to make her eat one before.

Finally after a week of craving and begging for crepes, I got to have one. I shared this with them. We chose to make our own sweet crepes, this one is a combination of Strawberries, Vanilla ice cream, Cheesecake chunks and whipped cream. They mistakenly added caramel syrup instead of strawberry syrup. One serving of this by Crepes and Creme can be shared by two to three people (or one really really hungry person), and priced at only P125 I think it is worth eating every once in a while.

It will be the last crepe I will be eating for a long while, as I will go back to running again. I’ve gained so much weight since the start of Sweet Mnemonic, it is fine time that I start doing regular exercises!

Enjoy the upcoming long holiday! Do you have anything planned?



Every Accomplishment start with the decision to try

I’m a dreamer, I dream about the big things and the smaller less important things. I dream so much that it has been a significant part of my life. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to bake/make desserts and earn in the process.

It has been a long journey of dreaming, and one day I’ve decided to just go for it. It had taken many forms, such as my previous blogs — Tea Time Alice and Dessert Darling.

The idea of Sweet Mnemonic was born from my obsessive collection of images that inspire me. Initially, I wanted a low maintenance blog… but after so long of thinking and planning, I wanted something that I could keep.

Sweet Mnemonic started from being a blog plan to being the name of my little business.

Revel Bar
Chocolate Truffles

This is the start of something great. I’ve never felt so sure of the path I’ve been taking since now. Ah, I hope you would strap your seat belts, join our mailing list (see side bar) for updates and enjoy the ride.

Be Creative!

We have a lot of things coming up.. I hope to see you again on our next update! Please don’t forget to like our facebook page!

♥ Sam